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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Lords of Aberration- a CSM warband

Thought I'd post some 'fluff' on my main WH40k army- the Lords of Aberration. First go at this sort of thing, so bear with me...

Terganus Dire first rose to prominence amongst the chaos forces of Tzeentch as a callous yet efficient Lord and Commander. His battleforce of Scourged Chaos Marines achieved a notorious run of victories against the Necrons in the outer Darbin quadrant.

Ambition can be a double-edged sword, and soon Dire came under the gaze of Ahriman and his Thousand Sons. Ahriman sought an ancient artefact hidden deep on the planet of Croziek IV, in the Dantin quadrant and chose to exploit Dire's local knowledge, and skill against the Necrons. The combined host of Ahriman and Dire fell upon Croziek IV and annihilated the scanty Cron forces of Overlord Tyr. The host delved deep into the caverns of the planet, but disaster was to await them. Croziek held a long dormant Necron tomb, and the curiosity of Ahriman brought it back to its imitation of life.

The Chaos forces were swamped by thousands of Necrons, gauss weapons tearing into the Tzeentchian forces. Ahriman withdrew, blaming Dire's arrogance somewhat unfairly, for the debacle. Dire fought onwards, the remnants of his Scourged falling back to the planet surface. His unit's sorcerer, Sarvin Ebonyheart, used the warp to activate a terrible bomb that ripped across the planet surface tearing apart Necron and Scourged alike.
In the aftermath, Dire lay ravaged. His head was shattered, and only hate kept him from death. Sarvin, similarly wounded, used the last iota of warp within him to save Dire- grafting a golden Necron head to Dire's ruined flesh.

In time, the remnants of Dire's Scourged found him. They took refuge in the caverns, calling upon dark powers to save Dire and Sarvin.

As if in answer, a dark acolyte came to them. Robed in darkest shadow, the Apostle bore the name Vyrik, and preached an unusual creed. Called simply The Paradox, Vyrik spoke of Chaos Unified- the belief that Chaos would only become victorious through order and unity, that ancient enmity had no place in a new universe.

And from these origins, invigorated by the teachings of the Paradox, Dire's warband grew into The Lords of Aberration. Many of his marines still bore the armour of the Scourged, but now the Eye was replaced by the symbol of the gold skull- an eternal reminder of the betrayal of Ahraman, and the finding of new faith.

The warband is led by an eclectic group of leaders, all loyal to Dire, who in turn bends the knee only to Vyrik and the Paradox.

Dire, himself is a terrifying figure. Clad in battle- scarred power armour, his golden head glowing with an unholy aura, Dire wields a cursed power-maul, rumoured to be the Black Mace itself. Dire's favoured units are his fast assault units- The Dark Scream bikers, and The Unseen Death raptors. They are often supported by Brother Xyrin and Brother Olvyx, two mutated Helbrutes.

His lieutenant, Sarvin, favours a combi- melta and staff, both distractions for the terrible warp powers he unleashes. Clad in terminator armour, he usually accompanies a unit of Chaos Terminators into battle.

Lord Baan the Pestilent, is a Nurgle lord commanding a unit of Plague Marines and Obliterators, whose nickname The Fever goes a way to explain the torrents of flaming terror they unleash. 

Similarly feared is Lord Ingrol, a former World Eater whose power sword, Calban, constantly thirsts for blood. Ingrol is often accompanied by his Chosen- The Bloodreapers- armour red with the blood of their enemy. His Beserkers, the Dire- Axes, are notorious for their insane desire for blood letting, and even Ingrol struggles to keep them in check.

The fifth, and perhaps most hideous leader, is Boroth Bileblood- a Demon Prince of Tzeentch. Constantly vying for leadership with Dire, Boroth  is rightly held in check by the triad of Dire, Vyrik and Sarvin- though his Psyker mastery is the equal of Sarvin. It is through Boroth's fell ingenuity that the Lords of Aberration have use of the accursed Forgefiend and Heldrake.