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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Cup of Tea with Alison

One of the great things about signing up with Fantasy Island Publishing has been the opportunity to meet other writers. When I first looked at FIBP for submission I romped around their web-site like a 70kg baby and one or two books really leapt out at me.

One of these was Alison DeLuca's The Nightwatchman Express. Part of it was the amazing cover, part was the blurb and part the genre, Steampunk.

I'd got into the Steampunk thing originally via Bryan Talbot's Luther Arkwright and Moore/O'Neil's League of Extraoridinary Gentlemen. From there I'd got ahold of Tim Power's Anubis Gates and KW Jeter's Infernal Devices. I'll not ramble on as I plan to write a post about it all soon enough.

Alison's book is wonderful. Its a perfect adventure story, set around turn of the century and reminded me of traditional adventure-mystery stories that used to captivate me as a kid. I posted a 5* review on Amazon which you can read here: Review of Nightwatchmen Express

Anyhow, Alison asked me to guest on her blog- 'A fresh pot of tea'- and I've ranted on in my own usual way about fantasy, specifically about anti-heroes in fantasy. Please go and have a shufty and whilst you're there look at all the other posts. It's an excellent site.

Go to Alison's site clicking here.

If you want to browse the book then follow this link: Nightwatchmen Express Kindle UK
or....Nightwatchmen Express Kindle US


  1. Nice shout out post. What's Fantasy Island Publishing? I'd fish through the older posts, but I'm lazy. Had a bad groundhog day. Hope yours was better!

  2. Well I didn't see Punxsutawney Phil or wake up to Cher, but it went OK, thanks. FIBP are an indie publisher in the US based in Indiana, I think. They're publishing my book and also Alison's. I'd really recommend hers--and I'm not just saying that. The older posts are more of a giggle if you get chance. Thanks for commenting.