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Monday, 12 March 2012

Liebster (part one)

So there's this thing called a Liebster blog. Essentially someone who likes your blog, who has been nominated themselves, nominates you and posts a link to your insane musings on their own blog. The only criteria is that you have to be a sort of blogging Billy-no-mates, like Charlie Brown in Peanuts.

So that's me.

So now I can proudly display the Liebster logo and acknowledge CJ Listro for nominating me. CJ's blog is called Sarcasm and Lemons ( ) and is a fantastic mix of opinion, reviews and features. She recently hosted SM Boyce (whose Lichgate series buzzes around Twitter like a bee drunk on nectar) and she's revising her book Dark Moon 1: The Ward of Shadow. She also has a great picture with this blue thing on her face which looks like a sort of butterfly (and oddly like Psylocke from the X-men c1988). So nip over and bestow great love upon her!

So my nominations? Crikey. In no particular order, as they say at awards ceremonies...

Pauline's Fantasy Reviews is a great site which does what it says on the tin. She reads and reviews at a merciless rate and pulls no punches. Great site that deserves more followers.

Fresh Pot of Tea is a blog by Alison DeLuca who writes astonishingly good Steampunk. It's jammed with features, nuggets of life and stuff about writing and always gives me a chuckle.

Losing Sanity is a blog by Johanna Garth which is a constant chuckle. She has a great way of breaking situations down for their amusement value.

Kate Jack's Blog is a fantastic site which mixes shorts stories, author interviews and opinion. Kate is an author I met whilst on Authonomy. Really recommend this one.

Talking to Myself is Stephen Winterflood's blog. He had this great angle on things which makes you chuckle with his mixture of grumpiness and humour. He's also a great writer.

So that's the famous five. I'll be adding a second post onto this inspired by the Lieb- part of the blog title....


  1. Aw, what a nice description of my blog. A well deserved nod to yours--you have a great thing going here! Can't wait to check out your picks.

    1. Thanks, CJ. Your blog has a really up-beat tone to it and I thoroughly enjoy it. Thanks again for the Liebster thing.

  2. Grumpiness and humour... me?

    Me... grumpy?


    1. Aww, Stephen, I meant it as a complement! I love your blog posts and their variety.