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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Roaring Mouse

We are all readers before we are writers. Was that in an Abba song? No, maybe that was something about dancing before I could walk... but I digress. First and foremost to be decent writers (something I among many aspire to) we need to read. Not just our genre but everything... books, comics, magazines, cereal packets (got that one off the missus).

To this end I started reviewing books. First on Amazon and Completely Novel, then for Fantasy Book Review and finally I've decided for my own blog. But as this one is busy enough I've decided to run it as a parallel blog...

So, the Roaring Mouse...

Why the title? My remit is to showcase indie, small press and self-pub books as the rest of the literary world gets enough cyber-minutes from snarkier reviewers than I. Inevitably it will have a fantasy-SF bent, as I'm that way inclined, but I'll also shove in some horror and thrillers too. The title is a play on the comedy the Mouse That Roared, which we all recall as Peter Sellers in a variety of roles. The analogy is that small press and self-pub can carry the same quality and literary impact as anything the big publishers decided to carry and, indeed, are probably less likely to follow trends of twinkly vampires and magicians at school.

So please jump across to the sister blog and follow and comment and hopefully read!

The Roaring Mouse

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