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Friday, 23 December 2011

Dreams of Darkness Rising to be published by FIBP

Had some great news this week! The first book in the Prism trilogy has been taken up by Fantasy Island Book Publishing, an American indie label. They're a label with a pretty wide range of titles- fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, horror, historical fiction- and with a really welcoming bunch of authors.
The Kindle version should be up in a few days (probably won't have changed much from existing version) and the print (hopefully with new cover) in a little while.
Their web-site is

I'm so chuffed I haven't even been tempted to make a joke about Mr Roarke or Tattoo (Look, Boss, de plane, de plane)!

Will keep you posted :)


  1. Ross ... this is amazing news - well done you! :D
    Seriously, I know that sounds pink and fluffy but that really is awesome :)

    When Chaeli is ready to look at touting - I know who to come to!

  2. Thanks, Sammy. I'm a modern guy... I don't mind pink and fluffy :)
    Will let u know how it pans out- the other authors at FIBP have been very welcoming thus far.