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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The lists are returning...

In my teen years I was a real monkey for lists. Admittedly my mate Woodsy was one step further- his list of football grounds visited in order was surpassed only by his records and where he bought them and for how much- but I was a close second, listing my books and records compulsively in a Nick Hornby High Fidelity way.
It's kind of lingered since: checking mainly, which is handy when you're an anaesthetist ( 'what was in the big syringe again? Ah, screw it, squirt it in...' ). And I still love lists, and putting CDs in order, and stuff in bullet points, and ironing (yes... I know).
So where all this is leading is a sudden compulsion to create a list. So here's the first one for a few years:
BOoks WhAT i ReAd iN 2011

- The Anubis Gates - Tim Powers
- Infernal Devices- KW Jeter
- Popco - Scarlett Thomas
- Stardust- Neil Gaiman
- The Lies of Locke Lamora- Scott Lynch
- Perdido Street Station- China Melville
- Paratime - H Beam Piper
- A Dance with Dragons- George RR Martin
- Elric - Michael Moorcock
- The Forever War- Joe Haldeman
- The Painted Man - Peter Brett
- Tales of the Dying Earth- Jack Vance
- Eleven terrible months- Rebecca Royle
- Lucy's Monster- Rebecca Royle
- The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime- Mark Hadden
- the left hand of god- paul Hoffman
- oblivions forge- simon Williams
- The secret origins of the White Wolf- Brian Kinsella
...and of course, the graphic novels
- Adventures of Luther Arkwright- Bryan Talbot
- The Boys (volume 1)- Garth Ennis
- League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Alan Moore/ Kevin O'Neill
- The Tale of One Bad Rat- Bryan Talbot
- The Filth- Grant Morrison
- Neonomicon- Alan Moore
- and a stack of Avengers and Fantastic Four :b

Ooooh, I feel so much better for that list... now I need to put them in order of enjoyment...


  1. Love how you made sure to get the Graphic Novels in there (I've been reading Claymore, Pokemon and Full Metal Alchemist) lol. AND! I love my lists!

  2. Thanks Valerie- oddly the graphic novels are some of the best I read this year. The two Bryan Talbot ones (although old) are amazing, Alan Moore can't put a foot wrong for me, and The Filth was unlike anything I've ever read. Saying that I still loved my Marvel comics- and having a 9 year old who likes them too has helped... ;)