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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Welcome to the Blogosphere

I'll admit to prevously deriding bloggers as narcissistic, yet here I am. I'll also admit to setting this whole thing up so as to try give more exposure to the stuff i've written, both by posting what I'm writing as I write it but also by linking up to my web-site.
I've got a few things ticking along:
1. Dreams of Darkness Rising-- my first book and the first in a fantasy trilogy. Have a peak via the links on the right.
2. Echoes of Empires Lost- the second one, currently being edited and read by chum Giles and bro Dan
3. The Infinity Bridge- a teen (they call it middle grade or MG in the States) sci-fi romp with vague steampunk elements.
4. Short stories- I've written six now, three fantasy and three general fiction. Two have been posted on web-zines and a third is submitted at present to

Of course a blog also allows me to rant in general, whilst coming to terms with the fact i always said i wouldn't blog. Mind you i said the same about facebook and driving a four wheel drive....

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